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About us


The Amwell Valley Fire Company has been proudly serving the citizens of the East Amwell Township as well as surrounding townships since 1923. The A.V.F.C. currently holds 50+ Members who are 100% volunteer. In 1923 it was formed out of the public need for fire suppression by donations from the citizens themselves. 

We currently run approximately 150+ calls per year dealing with all incidents including (but not limited to) alarms, motor-vehicle accidents, fires, etc...

In addition to responding within the township, the fire company will respond to surrounding towns as well as to conduct training with other resources to ensure collaboration and cohesiveness on the fire scene.


In 1923 the population of East Amwell was 1,102 and at that time had no local fire protection. On the night of November 27th, a group of local citizens held a meeting in the lecture room of the Kirkpatrick Memorial Church. For the first time, fire protection for Ringoes was publicly discussed. The town people were enthused and weekly meetings were scheduled. On Dec 5th, at a meeting chaired by Harry H. Brown, it was reported that 1,395.00 had been raised by public subscription to support the fire company. At a December 12th meeting, the "AMWELL VALLEY VOLUNTEER COMPANY NO 1" was formed and several men willingly volunteered to serve as firefighters. When the fire company was incorporated on Jan 22th 1930, the name became "THE AMWELL VALLEY FIRE COMPANY".


On Dec 22nd, 1923, members of the Columbia Fire Company No 4 of Lambertville demonstrated their chemical fire engine, which was for sale, and by February 7th, 1924, the Amwell Valley Fire Company had purchased the used chemical fire apparatus. It was given a temporary home in Chief Elmer Holcombe's barn located in the center of town.


Initially, the Kirkpatrick Memorial Church bell sounded the alarm. Later a steam locomotive wheel was procured from the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and was used to call out firefighters by pounding on the bell with a sledgehammer or iron bar. On December 25th 1925 the company voted to purchase an electric siren, which was later, installed on land purchased from Mrs. Anne Brown and to donate the steam wheel to Three Bridges Fire Company.

Over the years the Company has grown in size with 7 pieces of apparatus, a five-bay building with a banquet hall on the second floor, and an auxiliary building.

Over the years many changes have occurred in the methods and equipment used to rescue victims and fight fires. All new members are required to attend Hunterdon County Fire School and study the basics of fire fighting. In addition, they participate in many special advanced courses such as officers training, handling of hazardous materials, pump school, and others.

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